State wage increase / Survey: Only 46% of businesses did the same

2024-04-17 08:36:04, Ekonomi CNA

State wage increase / Survey: Only 46% of businesses did the same

Only 46% of companies have stated that they have increased the salaries of employees, as a way to reflect the policy that the government followed last year, increasing the salaries of the administration.

The Investment Council's survey of 601 companies shows that not all businesses have reacted in the same way.

Thus, 19% did not think it should have any impact and 39% answered "no" to the question of whether this government measure has affected salaries in their company.

The data is part of the Secretariat's survey on private sector challenges related to informality, productivity and innovation.

Specifically, according to the survey, the continuous training of employees along with salaries and cooperation with foreign businesses are considered as the main measures by business to increase productivity.

State wage increase / Survey: Only 46% of businesses did the same

Wages have become part of the debate, with the lack of workers prompting some industries to react, revising them significantly even though this shortage has now become apparent to every industry.

But the increase in the wages of the administration was significantly faster and higher than the business, a pace that the latter has not been able to follow, even though it is considered as one of the elements that can increase productivity.

Specifically, the government decided in June of last year to increase salaries for low-level specialists in the public administration by 12-20 thousand lek per month and at some levels, double, while for nurses and teachers, the salary increase was 3,600 lek per month (7%).

Another salary increase is expected to continue this year as far as the administration is concerned. The Minister of Finance, Ervin Mete, declared a few weeks ago that the 2024 budget will continue to support a significant increase in wages, making it possible to achieve the objective set for an average wage level of 900 euros per month within the year 2024.

The minister would emphasize that within April the decisions will be detailed to specify the anticipated salary increase for public sector employees./ Monitor.al

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