"TBS96 Open House Event 2022" in Tirana/ 34 leading companies present products with advanced technologies at the fair

2022-10-31 17:24:00, Aktualitet CNA
"TBS96 Open House Event 2022" in Tirana/ 34 leading companies present
View from the event

The TBS96 company with 30 years of experience in the field of broadcasting, telecommunications and cyber intelligence solutions organized this year at Hotel Rogner for the 9th time this fair (now turned into a tradition) with the participation of 34 leading companies in the respective fields. Each of the participating companies presented products with advanced innovative and contemporary technologies.

The fair was organized in 2 separate halls, one for telecommunications and broadcasting participants and the other hall for intelligent cybersecurity solutions. For the first time, a live demo was broadcast for DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) broadcasts with the following radio channels: Radio Klan, Radio Sol, Radio NRG, etc.

It is worth noting that high-level technical discussions took place during the event between radio and television engineers, technical staff of TBS96 and representatives of the participating companies. The participation in the fair was very high, including interest groups as well as students of electronic/telecommunication branches of some of the universities of Tirana./ CNA.al

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