Note/ Commissioner Lekari

2024-02-24 17:27:00, Aktualitet CNA

Note/ Commissioner Lekari

Commissioner Lekari is a mediocre, incompetent character, who is worth less than the tattered hat of a poor soldier, but Commissioner Lekari works with leka and the Albanians pay him as much as a chicken, with a special pension and as a commissar.

Commissioner Lekari came from across the sea and appeared on the streets of Tirana getting legalizations, signing decrees, taking important tasks while everyone said that his head smelled like halva.

In the meantime, he insults the desolate halva for his head, which in the end is left as an abandoned wretch who takes power even though he died and thinks that by drinking viagra, intellectual values ??will come to him.

They keep him on the tables, make fun of him as he deserves, and call him the president of famous associations. It shines, that's how Commissioner Lekari is.

Komsiar Lekari clashed with a director for not giving him money.

Then and with another that he didn't give him any money, but Commissioner Lekar got the captain of the gold and now both of them have a great love for the good of the motherland by robbing and stealing 24 hours a day from the pockets of Albanians.

Commissioner Lekar has been led to steal and hide behind schemes to fill his pockets. Commissioner Lekari leaves the light on so that everyone can see him as if he is in the office.

When he enters and exits, they must respect him because he is an important party commissar who received a reward because he did vetting.

Commissioner Lekar had enough shuku and the vetting passed.

Next door inside the house of Komisar Lekar, who is also the chairman of the world's most famous association, that of k...ve without borders.

Commissar Lekari, excellent, wonderful, even though he is worth less than the shabby hat of a poor soldier, his pockets are full because together with the golden captain he steals every day. Day and night.

And in order for him to rest, you have to shut his mouth with a spoon with a lek, just as his mouth is shut in the vetting, the same way in the office where I leave the light on day and night so they can see that he is there.

Komisar Lekari wants a car, Komisar Lekari wants a driver, Komisar Lekari is a great leader, organizes spectacles, is a showman, in the environment where you can offend the halva by the smell, since he himself with the smell of rotten pickles, is walking in the middle of a sewer , where the daily excrement is poured out, which is like a food for our Commissioner Lekar, who has taken a mountain of office simply and only for eating m.. and that he should not eat more than they should give Lekar, Commissioner Lekar./ CNA

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