Over 100 million Lek losses per year/ With what money is Carlo Bollino building the new building for his media?

19 Janar 2022, 16:02, English CNA

Journalist Carlo Bollino, who systematically receives money from incinerator owners, is building a new edifice for the media he currently owns. The building is being built on a site that has been denounced several times by Bollino himself. It is about the former Partizani complex.

CNA.al publishes photos from the new building that is being built, while it is not known with what money Bollino is building it. Is the money taken from the incinerators, which Bollino called a normal contract in the form of advertising, or their source is elsewhere, as his companies result in heavy losses?

This fact was publicly denounced some time ago by journalist Anila Basha, former head of Bollino media. The latter, wrote that Carlo Bollino?s companies, result in huge losses. According to Basha, in 2017 the official annual balance sheet of one of the media in Bollino was minus 17 million Lek. In 2018, the loss has deepened further to minus 105 million Lek.

From this dizzying loss in 2019, according to Anila Basha, Bollino has come out with a profit in the amount of 112 million Lek. It also suffered a loss in 2020, in the amount of 59 million Lek. So ?Shqiptarja.com? has come out with a profit only in 2019!

How is it possible? Just because he took as administrator a woman who doesn?t know how to write in albanian language, the romanian Patricia Corina Constantinescu, who is only known to have been born in Romania and nothing else?

Referring to the denunciation of the journalist Anila Basha, the question that arises is how is it possible for Bollino to invest in such a building, when for several years in a row he says that his company suffered a great financial loss? A few days ago, CNA.al published documents, which reflected the fat sums that the company ?MTSC? of Carlo Bollino had received from the owners of incinerators.

There are about 40.000 euros divided into 7 invoices, where only in April 2021 were paid 18 million Lek or almost 17.000 euros. Incinerators are not the only case where Bollino has been denounced for taking money.

Over the years, there have been various denunciations against him, that he has received concessions from the Rama government, or that he has received cash from entities that have won tenders from the government.

The fact is that Carlo Bollino receives money from the incinerators of the corrupt affair of the century, which are in fact the taxes of poor albanians citizen. On the other hand, Bollino builds an edifice worth hundreds of millions of Lek or millions of euros as a ?free media? in the service of power and as a clientele of Rama government./CNA.al

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