Exclusive documents/ Incinerators $ 1.3 million payment for the company owned by Ben Blushi's wife?!

17 Janar 2022, 18:06, English CNA
Exclusive documents/ Incinerators $ 1.3 million payment for the company owned by

The hundreds of millions of payments of incinerator companies are not over. CNA.al has revealed day after day how hundreds of millions of Lek, or maybe millions of dollars for a long period, have been paid to the media in Albania.

SPAK arrested the former Minister of Environment, after discovering at least 4 million euros in payments for it from incinerators. CNA.al has published data on payments made by incinerators for the media in Tirana, starting with Carlo Bollino, Irfan Hysenbelliu, whose values reach hundreds of thousands of euros.

To go further to the VOX company headquartered in the Top Channel building. Today we are bringing another fact, which is very shocking. Incinerator companies have paid an amount of about 1 billion 340 million old Lek, or about 1.3 million dollars, in two bills.

Incinerators have made payments to Bulgaria. This is a fact already verified and proven. There are two bills. The first is the amount of 948 million old Lek, why about 940.000 dollars. And the second bill is worth 390 million old Lek, or about 390.000 dollars. This money was taken to Bulgaria.

But where exactly? CNA.al has confirmed that in Bulgaria exist a company founded by Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi. Where Blushi and Mërtiri each have 33 per cent of shares, and Klodian Zoto has 34 per cent. The transfer to Bulgaria seems to be leading to a trace.

To the company owned by Ben Blush?s wife, Eva Blushi, which is called EM Capital Group. This company came from Bulgaria a few years ago, with a minimum capital. Founded in 2019, it arrived a few months later in Albania, and for $ 2.2 million buys Valtelina Kafe, the company of the Lori Kafe brand.

So, Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri and Eva Blushi are in partnership with Vjollca Hoxha of Top Channel, which in turn turns out to receive money from some companies, which are on behalf of third parties, such as the case of Endrit Habilaj.

The latter has two companies, Vox Tv and Infinit Communitacion, and a third company called SH.Q.I.P. on behalf of his wife, Uarda Habilaj, who receive tens of millions of Lek, or hundreds of thousands of euros a year for his companies, 2 of which have offices in the Top Channel building.

So, it?s obviously incinerator companies that pay a lot of money for EM Capital Group. Perhaps this is a transaction that clearly shows, that the incinerators made a service payment for Vjollca Hoxha to a company that she wanted to keep at all costs, such as Valtelina Kafe, and with this payment was found this compromise.

And at the moment we have a Top Channel pro waste, pro incinerators, pro partners who paid millions to buy the shares of Vjollca Hoxha?s company, which brought millions of dollars from Bulgaria, where they already lead millions more dollars, to companies where is a partner the wife of the former director of Top Channel, Ben Blushi, Mrs. Eva Blushi.

The scheme is already clear. Klodian Zoto, Mirel Mërtiri, Ben Blushi, Vjollca Hoxha, are co-partners in several companies, which start in Tirana, go to Bulgaria, where are paid bills worth millions of dollars, and this is officially confirmed and found as part of the documents that SPAK has on the table, about payments, companies and the ways Klodian Zoto and Mirel Mërtiri, the heads of the incinerators’ affair, together with Stela Gugalla, the latter?s cohabitant, have been able to capture the media or generate many companies to corrupt senior officials, as was the case of the former minister Lefter Koka.

But, everything doesn?t start and doesn?t end with Mr.Koka. The affair goes beyond, in the media, to Ben Blushi and his wife. It goes to the partnership with Top Channel, to the payments in the media, to Carlo Bollino, Irfan Hysenbelliu and others like these./CNA.al

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