Forgotten taps/Korčar tourism deserves another attraction

2023-11-18 14:57:00, Sociale CNA
Forgotten taps/Kor?ar tourism deserves another attraction
The taps of Korça

As we presented this mini-report, which reflected the historical and cultural veils that contain the taps of Korça, we will stop at the other side of the coin.

The taps of Korça are not functional. Those that once supplied the citizens with water, today are damaged and out of order.

The municipality, which has worked to turn Korça and its surroundings into the most preferred destination for visitors, mainly during the winter season, has not yet done anything with the city's characteristic taps.

This was the concern raised by the historian. Given that the conditions compared to the time when these taps were in service have improved significantly, putting them into operation is not an impossible mission.

The water supply network is now fixed and to restore the taps, only the desire and commitment of the local authorities would be enough. Leaving them in oblivion also damages the image of the city, already transformed and very frequented.

If the taps were fixed, they would be one more attraction in the south-eastern city. Tourists who would visit Korça would undoubtedly have a stop at the taps, which are a reflection of the city's history and culture, on their agenda.

This would be a plus in the list of activities that visitors would do in Korça, which in recent years, together with the areas around it, has absorbed nearly 1 million visitors per year. /CNA


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