Interesting facts/ One hour run, 7 hours more life

2024-04-02 09:13:00, Shëndeti CNA

Interesting facts/ One hour run, 7 hours more life

Running is one of the most rewarding physical activities for health and longevity. In every step taken during running, the body is put to work as many as 200 muscles.

A study published in the journal "Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases", which AgroWeb.org refers to, has revealed that for every hour you spend running, you gain 7 extra hours of life. In addition, those who run 20-30 km per week have stronger immunity and are less prone to catching colds.

Run to save your sanity 

Experts say that running helps one to keep one's mind focused.

It keeps away depression and anxiety because during running, the body releases endorphins, hormones that make us feel happier, more positive and full of hope.

Running is good for the heart, immunity, lungs, brain and blood. Studies cited by AgroWeb.org say that people who run regularly are 25-40 percent less at risk of premature death and live at least 3 years longer than people who don't run.

As if these benefits weren't enough, experts point to the fact that running is rewarding in many aspects of life. It helps a person to build a stronger character, to have discipline and to be more balanced and creative at work and in personal life.

Run for stronger bones 

According to this study by the University of Michigan in the United States of America, regular running greatly improves long-term bone stability.

According to them, if a person runs for 12-20 minutes three times a day, it can increase the mineral density of the bones making them stronger. Run, men run faster, women last longer. Some experts are of the opinion that the way of running is very much based on gender.

First, a woman's heart is believed to be smaller in size than a man's. A large heart can pump oxygenated blood more and faster throughout the body.

This is why men run faster and longer. Women on the other hand have more long term endurance.

In different marathons, it has been observed that, unlike men, women speed up their running in the second half of the race.

At the beginning, they lag behind, but slowly and steadily they increase their speed and reach the highest peaks./ AgroWeb.org

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