The Koran for the Queen of England and Comrade Enver

2022-07-12 11:21:00, Satire Politike CNA

The Koran for the Queen of England and Comrade Enver

 We are "partisans" of the Koran "roasted" on a charcoal grill.

They chose Voloreka...

The waiter took note and left. As he left, a memory "came" to me.

Around the 80s, Comrade Enver read a news in the yellow newspapers:

" The Queen of England took two boxes of Koran from the lake of Pogradec every year. She ate them to increase her weight !"

Comrade Enver left notes and said to Sulo (Gradec who was the head bodyguard and something more):

-I missed a Koran! We can take it!

The order was given. The fishermen ran towards the lake.

Cast nets. Take out the nets. No head of the Koran for you!

Only belushka, who are of the Korans kind. They have only one difference: the Koran has some red seals!

What are you doing?...

They called Tason, the famous painter. With a brush, he made the beluška koran and that's how it was cooked and eaten by our friend Enver!

From my memories, he brought out the Koran that was served on a plate. Garnished with baked potatoes, lemon.

Goat cheese from Mokrra...

White wine…

If it was Taso, he would have grabbed the brush.

The gap was filled by Marlise, the son's daughter-in-law originally from Costa Rica...

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