Filip Çakuli's mistake with the Prime Minister of Greece, Micotaqis

2022-06-29 10:57:00, Satire Politike Mitro Çela

Filip Çakuli's mistake with the Prime Minister of Greece, Micotaqis

Winter 91.

The Prime Minister of Greece, Mr. Micotaqis, arrived in Tirana for the first time.

Ramiz Alia was still in power. State security made the law and Maliqi.

This was the reason why Berisha preferred Filip Çakuli as a translator.

To follow the debate as well as possible, it must be said that at that time, my friend was still not well acquainted with Greek, although one day he had exchanged a reply "with blessings" with Abdi Ballet.

Abdiu: - You, Philip, are a Greek philosopher!

Philip: - Not my boyfriend Ballet! I am a pure Albanian and Greek!

But let us return to the conversation between the DP leader and the friend from Greece.

Micotaqis: - Mr. Berisha! Need to show special care for idiotis?

Philip, when he heard the word "idiot", hesitated. Berisha looked him in the eye:

- What did you have? ...

- The Greek Prime Minister seems tired of politics. Says to take care of idiots?! ...

- Since you ask, say that we have some hospitals for the treatment of idiots. One in Tirana, one in Elbasan and one in Vlora ...

- Doctor! After I counted the three hospitals, he tells me, to tell you that you have to create conditions for idiots all over the country ...

- Say: we will put it as a special point in the electoral program of the DP ...

Philip returns home. The first thing he did was open the dictionary. "Idhiot" in Greek means owners!? ... / CNA.al


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