Crack in PD/ Duam Evin in protest

2022-07-03 19:45:00, Satire Politike CNA
Crack in PD/ Duam Evin in protest
Evi Kokalari

A big problem, a fierce debate has started to happen in DP. They cracked hard. The Democrats demand that on the 7th, at 7 o'clock, Evis Kokalari, as that is how he was registered in Albania when he was born, or Evi Angelakis, as that is what he is called in the United States of America, should also be in the protest.

An inimitable conservative, principled, unimaginable lobbyist. The Democrats, after the early departure of Kokalari, demand her departure. In a letter, which is trying to turn into a petition for the leader of the DP Sali Berisha, it is written that the one-by-one departures of Evi Kokalari have shocked the base of the Democrats. Her public positions, she has made them full of heart and courage, therefore on July 7, at the head of the protest, at the head of the speeches should be Evis Kokalarit.

There are hundreds of firms that have gathered so far and also the Democrats declare that they are ready to pay all the expenses to Eve, so that she declares them when she goes to the USA as a lobbyist.

Even those expenses that he used for months and months that he stayed in Albania. For those tens of thousands of euros in hotels and other expenses. This time, the Democrats are ready to cover Mrs. Kokalari. It is enough for her to come to the protest, speak and give spirit and courage to everyone. Evi, Evi we love you, it is expected to be the explosion of the crowd during the protest./ CNA.al

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