"Criminal in the place of crime"/ Tritan Shehu "shoots" Rama for the meeting in Lazarat

2023-05-28 11:59:00, Politikë CNA

"Criminal in the place of crime"/ Tritan Shehu "shoots" Rama

DP MP Tritan Shehu has shared on his Facebook social network a photo of Prime Minister Rama during a meeting of the latter in Lazarat.

Attached to this post, he "shot" Rama, accusing him of depopulating the Gjirokastra District Hospital and alienating public property for corrupt interests.

According to Shehu, the building where the prime minister held the meeting is illustrative of all these accusations, adding that this building from a school with European standards full of life has turned into a structure given to private business.

"Rama today in Lazarat, as a "criminal" in the place of "crime!
He went into deep solitude precisely in that building that:
--Speaks more clearly than anywhere else about the consequences of the destruction that he did to Lazarat, all of Gjirokastra and the District, their deep depopulation.
--Demonstrates the alienation of public property for the corrupt interests of individuals and groups.
Today he went to that building in the lower Lazarat, which a few years ago was a school of European standards, full of students, teachers and activities, built with EU funds.
Then it began to be emptied as a result of the compulsion by this regime, of that noble, hard-working and honest community, to abandon its lands under violence, poverty and denigration.
The efforts of Rilindah there to abandon that building, closed that school, turned it into...
In a structure given to the private under the justification of "collection of medicinal plants" added to this process.
Using a "Swiss project" as a cover for this!
Rama has really chosen the place today for the projects of his Government, not only for Lazarat!
The environment, which in its silence today clearly accuses this regime of destructive policies, the depopulation of the country.
For the corruption of the regime, which does not hesitate even before the deepest misfortune, which it itself has created for the citizens.
And Lazarat received him today as he deserves, with complete abandon", he writes./CNA.al


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