What was the DP on the two founding holidays

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What was the DP on the two founding holidays
Archive photo - Sali Berisha and Lulzim Basha

Two parties on the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the Democratic Party, one at the Palace of Congresses, where Luli spoke, and the other an official reception, organized by former prime minister Sali Berisha.

The historical son of Dr. Berisha who celebrates and steals the seal, by his side was Bamir Topi , who Sali Berisha made President yesterday.

What was the DP on the two founding holidays

But Dr. Berisha had Arben Imami , one of the first founders, and Lulzim Basha answered him directly with Edvin Kullur, who had kidnapped Imami.

What was the DP on the two founding holidays

Neritan Ceka was the first to speak to the doctor, Preç Zogaj was next to Luli. Although the latter was lied several times by Luli that he would make him a deputy, he still stayed there, perhaps accidentally.

And if you take them in order, one was here and one was there. It is not known who is the mother and who is the stepmother, what is known is that Doctor Saliu is the father.

The father is not responsible for what his son does. The important thing is that the father guards his fence, without the son beyond the fence he can go wherever he wants.

This is how what happened today is recounted, where the most shameful had nowhere to go, the most divided had nowhere to go, more divided than ever, where in the end let's not forget that Genc Pollo was once expelled from Saliu , had left to Luli who dismissed Dr. Kreshnik Çollak.

What was the DP on the two founding holidays

We are not prolonging it anymore, it is enough to collect or observe some of the images and understand how disgusting today's celebration of the two DPs was.

It would be good if no one had actually organized it./ CNA

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