Albanian paradoxes and life goes on

2023-11-29 17:49:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja
Albanian paradoxes and life goes on
Ilir Levonja

In 1992, a book entitled "Reflections", authored by Edi Rama and Ardian Klosi, was published. Some of the ideas in the book about the Labor or Socialist Party, the martyrs of the homeland or the National Liberation War, etc., were well received by the progressive part. And not at all good from the beige overcoats or green suits of the former nomenclature.

This is ironically because the authors came from families that had a great contribution to the installation of the dictatorship and the fierce class war, or the enemy of the people. This has been a war with almost twice as many victims as against Fascist Italy or Nazi Germany, yet no one has taken responsibility, or as if even a single high-ranking official of the time has been punished.

Moreover, and as if for the irony of our fate, almost the greatest weight of the emigration of our sons is borne by Italy and Germany. And ironically, we still suffer the Albanian wedding precisely because we opposed the recognition of Ethnic Albania by these fascist-nazi invaders, whose role today is as potent as that of their former fathers. But we are in the Albanian paradoxes...

What Edi Rama writes and says with the co-author, for example about the martyrs. That the figure of 28 thousand martyrs is a mythology.

About the War... That the National-Liberation War was simply a Civil War.

About the Communist Party... The Communist Party is run by Yugoslav emissaries.

For the Labor Party... That the uncompromising denunciation of the criminal activity of the Labor Party until it is outlawed is the only path from which the Socialist Party must pass in order to gain the right of society in the future.

About power... Seizing power by force has been the essence of the communist movement and General Enver Hoxha.

For the clergy, what happened until 1953 to the clergy was terror to the intelligentsia. And full of eyes. If I told them today, they would probably dig me up to the graves of my parents, but Edi Rama told them.

The one who pays homage to the war today, leads with Enver's methods. It has not outlawed any Labor Party, but on the contrary, it has appropriated it. And how Enveri has emissary advisers from the former Yugoslavia. And how Enveri has declared open war on every political opponent, trampling even those he has documented. Thus, the book "Reflections" is no longer an intellectual reflection, but an Inversion, or an open ideological model, What do I need from what I have said.

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