You all know it! My friend and brother, who was prime minister in dramatic times/ By Agim Xhafka

2023-11-16 20:27:00, Opinione Agim Xhafka
You all know it! My friend and brother, who was prime minister in dramatic
Dawn Xhafka

My friend and brother Vilson Ahmeti.

You all know him. He was prime minister in dramatic times, when the country went from dictatorship to democracy. Weather full of political, social, economic surprises. Viewed from today, I say that Albania was lucky to have a statesman like Wilson at the helm. Wise, wise, prudent and balanced. His sentence when the workers threatened the government with strikes has remained a postulate of coolness. "Except for the Pelikan mission that distributes food to the people, don't go on strike, the rest of you do whatever you want."

I am so familiar with this personality that I often wonder if I have a friend or a brother. That's why I'm bringing some unknowns. I'm not talking about the job as prime minister, because when I mention that period, he laughs and doesn't talk about it anymore. Fate brought it that when I bought a house in Tirana, I had Wilson as my neighbor. And he had a room and a kitchen. He lived there even when they made him prime minister, even when they removed him. I was lucky that I had a 52-meter apartment. Wilson lived at 48 meters. I was young then, married and gave birth to a child. The only child who radiated from afar the parents who were so loving and smiling. He worked in foreign trade enterprises. One morning we left the houses at the same time. He with service in Paris, I with service in Puka. We laughed as we learned our itineraries. Then he was the deputy minister and I was a journalist. Then the student movements started and Vilson and his wife Flutura were waiting for news from me about any changes. They wanted what was coming. His house returned to dinner in an environment of debates, conjectures and hopes. Journalists, politicians and officials came and went there. That room and kitchen became Shna Ndoi i Laçi. Then on the steps of the palace came the guard that my brother became prime minister. I rarely met him because he left at night and came back in the morning. I begged him to put a phone at home, but he didn't hiss. I told him to give me an apartment 2 1, but he said:

- I won't leave you alone.

Then came difficult years for everyone. He became a former prime minister, but we were happy that he still had time for his friends and my daughters' lessons. Wilson is an engineer and my twins corrected the technical drawing for him.

Today we met by chance. As it often happens to us. He in his work, I in mine, but every day we are updated about health, families and what you will do this or that weekend by cell phone and SMS.

This is why I often ask myself, do I have a friend or a brother in this good man?

- He is my brother, says the woman.

- He is our brother, - I correct him.

You all know it! My friend and brother, who was prime minister in dramatic

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