Sunday Story/ Afternoon Nap…

2023-11-12 09:41:00, Opinione Agim Xhafka

Sunday Story/ Afternoon Nap…

I've never slept at lunch before. I have a lot of friends who fold for two or three hours. Even someone, whose name I am not mentioning, gets into the bed, covers himself with a quilt and wakes up when his brain opens his eyes. But it's been a few months since I took a nap at lunch. You're getting old, old man, I say to myself. Close your eyes while sitting on the couch with your feet on the heels. The woman says that I snore easily, but I don't believe her, I take it as a joke. But sleep for a while. That's it, about 15-20 minutes. No more than then at night I hardly fall asleep. You will be a farmer, says my mother. Meaning, you will spin conversations with darkness.

Yesterday, between the minutes of this nap, my cell phone rang. I took half a look at it to know who for God's sake was going to open it. But I got "My Life". That's how I named my granddaughter's phone. I opened it.

-Grandpa, can I ask you some questions?

Because I always say yes, it started.

- Did you have basic rights before the 90s? At the time of the dictatorship ie?

- Yes, we had a good time. We had enough, I told him.

And I was thinking on this occasion to have a meaningful conversation about those times. For my granddaughter to build the social landscape where we lived. She is small and wants concrete explanations, with examples, such as when I explained inflation to him one day. I showed him a jar with holes and told him, let's fill this with soup. The soup will flow, she said. Of course, what flows is inflation, what remains is the real salary of Albanians, I stuck it in his brain.

- Let's start with the right of movement. Did you have this right?

- Yes, we had it. No one stopped us from moving, e.g. from the kitchen to the bathroom. Or vice versa. We move without getting anyone's permission. No visa at all.

- Grandpa, don't joke now. Did you go abroad, I mean?

- Why don't we go, my? Everywhere we roamed the globe, - I told him. -There was a television show called "Countries and Peoples". He showed us all the countries of the world. More "movement" in Africa. I still know in the palm of my hand e.g. Angola, Nigeria, Congo.

- Grandpa, don't make fun of me. What color was the Albanian passport in those years?

- There was definitely color. It was colored. Well, I'll ask uncle Kasem and tell you.

- Why don't you remember?

- I don't remember that all the people didn't have passports. Uncle Kasemi used to work as a driver at the embassy in Rome.

- Did you have residence rights?

She was reading a book about human rights and asking me questions.

- We had, of course. That we didn't sleep outside or in trees like monkeys.

- How many square meters did you live in, grandfather, until you bought this house where you are now?

-In a few meters, daughter. Specifically, the apartment that we have today is the two garages on the -1st floor in the building.

- Grandpa, don't laugh! How did you have fun on the weekends, where did you go?

- In the villages, honey. In the villages. Every Sunday. We were never absent. We barked every week, fup here and fup there.

- Which restaurants, does anyone remember?

- We used to frequent the restaurant "Misri", pub "Patatja" and bar "Kanali".

But I didn't let him ask where exactly these bars were. I explained that Saturday was not a holiday then. And the schools taught that day. Sunday was called rest, but in fact we were taken to action for harvesting and stripping corn, for opening canals or for plucking potatoes.

He was silent for a few seconds. She was building in her imagination that time, so she asked me the last question:

- Well, you had no right? None?

I was silent for a few moments. I was thinking of giving him a doughy answer. And I found it.

- We had, we had a great right that we used a lot as a people, we did not forget it for a moment.

-Which one?

-The right to remain silent. We implemented it meticulously, like a Swiss watch.

I did not continue the lecture, she had switched off her mobile phone. So at that moment I closed my eyes and remembered half of my life. The half I breathed with my mouth closed…

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