Diaspora Summit/ What should have been said and what the failed Albanian leaders said at the 11th Congress of the Party of Labor of Albania

2023-11-23 14:58:00, Opinione Ilir Levonja

Diaspora Summit/ What should have been said and what the failed Albanian leaders

I thought the June 1991 Congress, or the 10th Congress of the Labor Party, was the last. This in terms of a great transformation that the country was going through, the opening with the West, the overthrow of the dictatorship, etc. Moreover, even the Party with a great burden of sins from the fierce class struggle was supposedly being transformed, without any public apology, without any mea culpa, etc.

I even still have before my eyes the public punishment they gave to a national poet like Dritëro Agolli. They had a burden of monstrous crimes on their shoulders, even within their own family. But it wasn't like that, maybe it won't be like that for many years.

This so-called Diaspora Summit did this to me, it brought out full of non-national but anti-national directives. Not the growth and strengthening of the presence of the Diaspora in order to bring the experience of success in the world closer to Albania, but its introduction into the molds of the government. To declare November 22 the day of the Alphabet as a national holiday. To unite as a national team etc..., although it is totally a self-inflicted concept, since the one who unites the players for a football match is a foreigner and even from a continent terribly far away from Albania. His Majesty knows well how propaganda works.

On the other hand, the talk about the prosperity of the homeland, or how many steps we are close to Europe, the enemies that surround us, etc., are totally the mentality of the crowd that thinks that democracy can be built with 5-year plans and congressional directives. I don't know if I finish or not, but I have the impression that a few hours later, the Summit or the 11th Congress of the Labor Party should also come up with other directives, such as condemning Albin Kurti, deporting the opposition by intensifying the Class War, etc. .

I don't know if those who filled the hall are really immigrants or the real Diaspora. Today Albania has 60% of its population in emigration, the reasons are both economic and political, but also existential. That is to say, they also fled from persecution, from the eyes of the Ottoman empires, regimes and personal enmities. Over 15% for studies and almost 99% never return. Just like it happens with state emissaries who go as diplomats and remain immigrants. And from all angles, this diaspora is today the primary economic power of Albania.

As a result, the material goods and social bonuses come from immigrant children, so today we are the country with the craziest economic informality, so the national wealth is in the hands of a very small percentage, which totally dominates the Diaspora.

Today, the Diaspora is no longer the Cuckoo's Migrant, but a gold mine for the bosses of politics, drugs, crime and dirty money. This is the suggestive ability of propaganda. Although a citizen of the Diaspora, whether in Germany, Canada, America, would have social disgust with the fact that only 32% of the population votes in Albania. And that in Vlora of the flag 22%.

Is such a government real? And is this normal for a Western citizen of the Diaspora? The topics of the day that had to be discussed are many.

1) Why does the Diaspora not vote?

2) Why does Albania continue to be emptied?

3) Why do we expect to be included in Europe and why don't we impose our model on Europe?

4) Why don't we talk about national unity?

5) Why don't we unite the educational and economic terms within a common all-Albanian movement, regardless of borders.

6) Why do we have two national teams and not one?

7) Why don't we have a common currency with Dardania?

8) Why do we call Albanians Kosovar?

9) Why haven't the crimes of communism been punished in Albania?

But the diasporic citizen has apparently forgotten why he emigrated, why he was persecuted, why he is still a migrant. The magic of a selfie in the king's hall has defeated suffering, mountains, rafts. Moreover, respect for the lost graves.

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