The Albanian Prime Minister, magician of peace

2023-11-22 17:26:00, Opinione Lutfi Dervishi
The Albanian Prime Minister, magician of peace
Prime Minister Edi Rama

In a move that caught the Great Powers, the United Nations, the EU, NATO and the G20 by surprise, Albania managed to stop the war between Israel and Hamas.

The 70-year conflict and the bloody war between Israel and Hamas, which resumed on October 7 of this year, will remain a memory of a bitter past.

The four-day ceasefire is just the latest prelude to the bloody conflict.

The Prime Minister of Albania, yesterday, in two separate meetings, one with the ambassadors of the Arab League and the other with the ambassador of Israel, presented his vision for the future: "A Gaza without Hamas and Israel"

5 words more powerful than the power of any religious prayer that the globe knows - they are the magic that turned war into peace and bloody conflict into peaceful coexistence.

The olive branch offered by the Albanian Prime Minister - has been accepted by both parties and Tirana from a capital of Sport and Youth, suddenly turns into the Universal Center of Peace!

While the Nobel Peace Prize Committee and Time Magazine are relieved to have the man of the year 2024 today, Washington, Brussels, Beijing and Moscow are relieved but also frustrated by this Kissinger-level diplomatic success.

"We are relieved and shocked" - said a NATO spokesperson about the surprising success of the Albanian prime minister.

"I made the mistake of going to Gaza and calling the Security Council several times to stop the war. I should have gone to Tirana and prayed to Prime Minister Rama" - said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Albania, armed only with the Prime Minister's charm, managed to do what neither the President of the most powerful country in the world nor the Pope of Rome has done to date: peace in the Middle East.

Although the news has been greeted with joy both in the Arab world and in the West, there is no shortage of conspiracy theories. In social networks, it is being written that the Prime Minister of Albania possesses magical abilities with which he turns sworn enemies into friends and vice versa.

To support their theory, the conspiracists say that two people who are close friends in Albania (Sali Berishan and Lulzim Bashan) have turned into sworn enemies...

But Prime Minister Rama's supporters reject this conclusion since, they point out, the Prime Minister, as he made clear at the Paris Peace Forum, is very busy with regional issues such as the half-frozen Kosovo-Serbia conflict, the war in Ukraine, poverty in Yemen and global warming.

Asked about the possibility of a quick revival of the conflict in the Balkans, a spokesman for the Albanian government said: "Impossible. There is no chance. The Prime Minister's agenda is busy with problems in other regions of the globe"./ CNA

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