Even Lal has eaten plums and pears behind his back

2023-12-09 14:40:00, Opinione Andi Bushati
Even Lal has eaten plums and pears behind his back
Andi Bushati

The ridiculousness of SPAK to hit the little dallkauks, as a shield against the untouchables it can't reach, is apparently going to be an unstoppable process. This is proven by the news of the arrests for the incinerator of Tirana, right after the congress of the ruling party was closed.

This strategy dictated by Edi Rama, that he does good deeds, but those who eat plums and pears behind his back betray him, has already become the motto of the Special Prosecutor's Office. She saved the image of the head of the government from the investigation for concessions such as health, or the incinerator affair.
Since the appearance of Edi Rama in front of the investigative committee of the arsonists, when he announced that the deeds are good but the fault lies with the vice of some people who abused power, this parody has turned into an investigative line.

And the "heroes of our children" are implementing it as a political order.

But the bad thing is not that by adapting this tactic, to burn the small fish, as a shield for the big ones who cannot touch them, Edi Rama is being saved. By now everyone knows that in an autocratic system, no one dares to touch the top of the pyramid. The problem is that the alibi that Rama proposed to save what can be saved in the eyes of the public is also being applied to protect the people below him. SPAK shamelessly accused Ilir Beqaj that he had not been able to distinguish the conflict of interest between his subordinates and the sterilization investor.

But the funniest thing is that these KAPS prosecutors have made way for this way of thinking and acting. Today's arrest of the right wing of Erion Veliaj is the most blatant confirmation of this fact. Taulant Tushe, who the opposition has persistently described as the realtor of Lal's dirty work, seems more like a negotiated tribute not to touch higher.

While the prosecutors have in their files all the documents from the protagonist of Erion Veliaj to the incinerator, they deal with the one who ate plums and pears behind Lal's back. They pretend to forget that Veliaj signed with his own hand, bypassing the municipal council, the financial responsibility for the construction of Tirana's burner. He has ordered, as the real owner of the concession, who can deposit the soil and waste without money in the landfill.

But these facts made public do not even tempt the castrated prosecutors, who cannot go to the end of any file, to bat an eyelash. The more time passes, the more the circle of untouchables is expanding, who are amnestied with the excuse that they have introduced their subordinates. And there is no way it could happen otherwise in a system built not to do justice, but only propagandistic shots directed.

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