"How can you live with that"/ Sara Hoxha talks about Ledri's ex-girlfriends

2022-07-28 10:57:00, Lifestyle CNA
"How can you live with that"/ Sara Hoxha talks about Ledri's
Sara Hoxha and Ledri Vula

Ledri Vulë's partner, Sara Hoxha, has recently spoken about the rapper's ex-girlfriends. She has often been in the center of attention because of the relationship she maintains with Dafina Zeqiri or the singer Dua Lipa, who are the two ex-girlfriends of the rapper Vula.

Invited to the "Goca dhe Gra" show, Sara has expressed that she does not feel that there is anything wrong with this, that with Dafina and Dua, the conversation has progressed. Among other things, he adds that many people insult him for this reason, how he can have a friendly relationship with Ledri's ex-girlfriends.

"We were not born together, I know that he has a past, like with Dafina that people insult me, how can you stay with her. It seems normal to me, I like Dafina, I like Dua Lipa, they are very good people, we get along well. What I've done shows that I'm comfortable with myself, I'm confident and I can't be jealous of Ledri's ex-girlfriends. I don't feel it is a bad thing and that's why I did it and I will do it again", said the beauty./ CNA.al

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