Murder in Sukth/ Other details emerge, his brother's dark past is revealed

2023-09-27 14:07:00, Kronika CNA
Murder in Sukth/ Other details emerge, his brother's dark past is revealed
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New details and other leads are being investigated in relation to the murder of FD, in Sukth. According to the journalist Klodiana Lala, the victim had returned from the Netherlands a few days ago, and his connections with drug trafficking are not excluded.  

While the name of his brother, who used two names, FD, appears in several criminal events.

The victim's brother is suspected of injuring a 23-year-old woman as well as the disappearance of a person with the initials TM

He was arrested in Spain where he is accused of vehicle theft, forgery of documents, possession of weapons without a permit, drug trafficking, criminal group. It is learned that he led the criminal group.

The brother of the victim FD in July was extradited from Spain to Albania after the Court of the Judicial District of Durrës has set the security measure "Arrest in prison", for the criminal offenses "Serious wounding in conditions of severe mental shock" and "Production and possession without a firearms and ammunition permit", since in 2022, in the premises of a hotel in Durrës, he seriously injured his girlfriend with a firearm.

While the accusations of the disappearance of a person were made known in Klodiana Lala's "On Target" show, where the mother of the missing person in 2018 in Spain TM, said that FD had a hand in the son's disappearance./ CNA


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