The murder in Rrëshen/ 3 people were injured by the barrage of bullets, the car of the perpetrators was found

2023-09-26 11:44:00, Kronika CNA

The murder in Rrëshen/ 3 people were injured by the barrage of bullets, the

Police notification: 

Following the information provided regarding the incident that took place in Rrëshen, where the citizen MM (B.) was killed with a firearm by an unidentified citizen, we inform you that as a result of the shooting, there were gunshot wounds. fire, citizens IB, IB and O. Gj., who were near the place where the incident happened and were transported to the hospital to receive medical assistance.

Meanwhile, in the village of Gëziq, Mirditë, an off-road type vehicle, which is suspected to have been used by the perpetrators to commit the murder, was found burning.

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Numerous police forces have surrounded the area and with the help of the local Police, the Special Forces "RENEA" and FNSH have been dispatched, as well as checkpoints have been set up on Rruga e Kombit, in the direction of Kukës, Laçi, Lezha and Dibra. .

Also, the Deputy General Director of the State Police and the directors of the Criminal Police, as well as the Public Order and Security departments, went to the scene.

In order to clarify this event, a special investigative group has been set up, with specialists from the Criminal Police Department in the DPPSH and from the local Police, and under the direction of the prosecutor, intensive work continues to identify and capture the perpetrators.

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