Erion Alibej "sinks" Duman/ He wanted a massacre, I wanted Talo Çela alive

2023-09-25 18:04:00, Kronika CNA

Erion Alibej "sinks" Duman/ He wanted a massacre, I wanted Talo

Other details have been revealed from the investigation file of SPAK for the two repentant justices, Nuredin Dumani and Erion Alibej.

While talking about the series of murders in Elbasan, Alibeaj said in SPAK that he was not interested in committing them, as his goal was to capture Talo Çela alive.

He stated for SPAK that he wanted to take revenge for the murders of his family members, his brother Endrit Alibej, uncle Arben Dylgjeri, cousin Andi Zylyfi, Sandër Bahos and his Turkish friend, Erdal Duranay, but he has already left this in his hands. of justice after repenting.

Alibej, known by the nickname "Krymi", confessed that Dumani told him the names of the people who had participated in the murder of his brother and Zylyfi and proposed to kill them, with the intention that Talo Çela would appear on the scene .

"First of all, I want to kill Dorian Shkoza, since I have him near my house and I see him as a concern for me...

... these others, except for Talo, will not think of me for killing Dorian Shkoza, but Talo will come to me, because Talo rarely shows himself because he is in search. But Talo, I will immediately understand that I have killed Dorian Shkoza and I am very sure that Talo will understand all that I will do and that I am behind these..." Dumani told Alibej, but the latter has claimed that he did not work.

"...There I interrupt Nuredin and tell him I don't want to know about any of this, I want Talon and even more alive. Why should we enter all this ordeal where my interest in this ordeal is Talo Çela. Because I managed to capture Talon, these others are all finished or even captured. I don't see it at all, I tell him with interest the way he is explaining it to me, where all the crimes and the main people that I have identified are the first the Çopja brothers who are the orderers and Mikael Qosja the organizer and then these others come in charge Talo the key. That's what I told him if I manage to catch Talon, I've solved it and even more so I destroy almost the entire network of these. I'm letting go I tell him to find this Talon, I know how much you're suffering you told him and I have no interest in you entering these others without catching the Talon,", according to the media, it is said in his confession of the investigative file.

He emphasized that, finding no other solution, he accepted Nuredin Duman's proposal.

According to him, the hired killer told him: "... I have the bags ready ".

" He did not mention any names to me, except the name of Festim Qoli. Nuredini tells me that I want 100,000 Euros, a part of the package at the beginning, to have for expenses and I have never taken a job without receiving half of the lek in advance...", he declared.

"Krymi" emphasized to the investigators that he did not have the money and had only given Duman 50,000 euros, while for the rest he had asked Arjan Spahija for help and the latter had made 200,000 euros available to him./ CNA

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