The "collision" of Alibej and Dumani/ The brother of the murderer, involved in the massacre of Bradashes, appears on the scene

2023-09-21 19:06:00, Kronika Elton Qyno

The "collision" of Alibej and Dumani/ The brother of the murderer,

Among the many testimonies given by the associates of the prosecution, the name of Dashnor Dumani, one of the brothers of the repentant Nuredin Dumani, has appeared on the scene, as a participant in the massacre of Bradashesh, where Enea Alibej nicknamed "Tarzani" was killed.

In addition to Alibej, in this assassination that took place on December 29, 2018, Arben Dylgjeri, as well as the Turkish citizen Erdal Durunay, were killed.

The name of Dashmir Dumani appeared in the testimony of the associate of Justice, Erjon Alibej, who, while showing his criminal activity in paid murders, gives details about the first heated conversation he had with Nuredin Dumani.

"...one of the people I had information about was involved in the assassination of my family members in Bradashesh, was Nuredini's brother, whose name is Dashnor Dumani. I had very certain information about Dashnori, that Dashnori was one of the executioners.

At the end of the conversation with Nuredin, after he finished his explanations, I started to give my explanations and at the end of the conversation I told him, accusing him directly that: "...Dashnori, your brother, was the executioner, in driving Endrit , while you were in prison in France, and the other brother was in prison in Albania...".

But Nuredin Dumani did not accept this accusation made by Erjon Alibej, explaining to the latter that he and Dashnor do not have good relations and did not speak.

As shown in his testimony, Erjon Alibej told Nuredini that Talo Çela, Altin Ndoci, Besmir Haxhia, Dashnor Dumani, and other people participated in the assassination of his family members.

"... Nuredin, as soon as I told him about Dashi, he did not accept what I told him. I say to Nuredin, even if Dashi, your brother, took part in the execution of my family members, I do it and put my hand on the Koran in front of you and swear that your blood has been forgiven by me... But just stay loyal to me, show yourself honest, tell me all the things as they are..." - said Erjon Alibej. 

"...after about 2 and a half hours of discussion, I created an opinion about Nuredin, which corresponded to all the information I had gathered until the day of the meeting with him. But from Nuredini, I learned from him and about other people and events like Dorian Shkoza, that I had no knowledge of...".

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