The number of traffickers arrested by the "Temple" operation reaches 93, the 21-year-old is in handcuffs

2023-09-20 13:13:00, Kronika CNA

The number of traffickers arrested by the "Temple" operation reaches

The number of persons arrested from the operation "Tempulli" reaches 93.

The police have arrested the 21-year-old with the initials EB, who was wanted for "Production and sale of narcotics".


Police notification:

A 21-year-old wanted as part of this mega-operation was arrested, bringing the number of citizens arrested to 93.

Previously, during the development of this operation, 10 kg of suspected narcotic substance cannabis sativa, 3.7 kg of cocaine, 150 doses of heroin, 1 firearm, pistol, 12 vehicles, 78 mobile phones, 12 electronic scales, 3 motorcycles, 30,000 euros, were seized. 6,000 pounds, 4,500,000 lek and 12 license plates.

Services of Police Station No. 5, in cooperation with the services of the Narcotics Investigation Section, following the nationwide police mega-operation coded "Tempulli", based on information intelligence, for the location of a citizen declared wanted within this mega-operation, have intensified controls for capturing and bringing him to legal responsibility.

As a result, in Kamëz, citizen EB, 21 years old, a resident of Bathore, who was wanted after the Court of First Instance of General Jurisdiction in Tirana has assigned the security measure "Arrest in prison" has been located, captured and detained. , for the criminal offense "Production and sale of narcotics".

The work continues for the localization and capture of other citizens declared wanted within this mega-operation. /CNA

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