"Nami" in Devoll/ The "dangerous" person transporting wood is under investigation

2023-09-19 09:03:00, Kronika CNA
"Nami" in Devoll/ The "dangerous" person transporting wood
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The "megaoperations" of the police in Korça district continue. You won't believe it, but recently a very "dangerous" person was arrested, who was caught and is under investigation for transporting wood.

Citizen KF, 41 years old, committed a "serious crime" because he was transporting a quantity of firewood without a permit. As a result, the police seized the van with which the 41-year-old committed the "crime" as well as the wood.

"The 41-year-old man was criminally prosecuted for transporting timber with a van without the relevant documentation.  

The amount of illegally cut wood and the van used to transport it are seized. 

Specialists for the Investigation of Crimes of the Devoll Police Station, in implementation of the plan of measures for the prevention and attack of environmental crimes, hit another case of illegal cutting of forests. As a result, the materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office, where the proceedings began in free status for the citizen KF, 41 years old, resident in the village of Arrëz, Devoll.

This citizen was caught by the Police services, on the "Miras-Bilisht" road axis, transporting with a "Benz" type van, a quantity of firewood, without the relevant documentation, which, together with the vehicle, was seized as evidence. .

The procedural materials were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the General Jurisdiction in Korçë, for further actions", the police announcement states./ CNA

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