No trace for a year/ The family of Ervis Martinaj submits the "Sky" application codes to SPAK

2023-09-18 18:26:00, Kronika CNA
No trace for a year/ The family of Ervis Martinaj submits the "Sky"
The much sought after Ervis Martinaj

Since August 2022, Ervis Martinaj, one of the most wanted persons by the police, known as the "king" of gambling, has disappeared without a trace.

As more than a year has passed since the disappearance of Martinaj, SPAK has analyzed several interceptions in the "Sky" application, where the businessman also appears.

Recently, a close person of the family of the much-wanted person appeared at SPAK and handed over some codes of the "Sky" application, which were used by the latter before he disappeared.

The family members have undertaken this action in the hope that the conversations in this application will identify the last people who had contact with Ervis Martinaj or will reveal any information that sheds light on his fate.

"SKY" is the application that is being analyzed by the justice bodies in Albania and not only, to clarify criminal events or the connections of persons with criminal records to politics.

We recall that the "king" of gambling lost contact with his family on August 9, 2022.

It was his uncle, Rakip Martinaj, who reported to the police about the loss of family contact with his nephew, who turns out to be a wanted person.

For the fate of Martinaj, there are several tracks, that of elimination by opponents, as well as that of staging the disappearance, but the police have not yet come out with an official statement to clarify what happened to the most wanted./ CNA

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