Crime "observes" Albania/ Debate between Breçan and the police spokesman

2023-01-29 22:22:00, Kronika CNA
Crime "observes" Albania/ Debate between Breçan and the police
Former police chief Erzen Breçani

The cameras placed by criminal organizations or groups in some of the cities of Albania are an indicator that reveals how crime makes the law in our country.

This event has created many reactions, where former police chief Erzen Breçani clashed with police spokesman Gentjan Mullaj.

Invited to the Revieë show in Euroneës Albania, Breçani said that the more cameras there are, the more crime is prevented, while Mullaj emphasized that they have not stopped issuing camera permits.

Among other things, Brecani asked Mulla to see how the decision to install the cameras is implemented.  

Excerpts from the conversation:

Erzen Breçani: The more cameras the police have available, the more crime is prevented.

Gentjan Mullaj: We have not stopped issuing camera permits. There are legal cameras and an operation room controlled by police officers.                                                                                                                                 

Erzen Breçani: Banks have a legal obligation to have cameras. Likewise, the schools, have you ever checked whether the schools implement this decision, have they ever been fined?

Gentian Mullaj: I don't have information about this, I have to examine the figures and give you an answer.

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