"Load everything, I'm in the police"/ Interceptions among Albanian traffickers emerge

2023-01-28 22:54:00, Kronika CNA
"Load everything, I'm in the police"/ Interceptions among
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New details have been revealed from the mega-operation between Italian and Albanian authorities. Finally, the interceptions between Albanian traffickers were published in the media.

In July 2017, under investigation was Francesco Ceci, who stayed in an apartment in Cremona that was also used by Ilir Duro.

The latter was presented at the Cremona police station on 31.07.2017.

At that time messages were recorded when Ilir Duro warned his associate Francesco Ceci that the police had stopped him and to remove the narcotics from their apartment. As a result, 4.6 kg of heroin were seized and the arrest of Francesco Ceci with Ilir Duro.

Excerpts from the intercepts

Ilir Duro: Take it all. Load everything and exit. I'm in the police. Take it easy that they don't know anything about the house.

Francesco Ceci: Ok.

Ilir Duro: Relax. I have 10 days in jail to do. Do not worry. Take things off slowly.



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