The tourist lost her life in Përmet

2023-05-31 19:50:00, Kronika CNA

The tourist lost her life in Përmet

A tourist lost her life today in Langarica canyon, in Permet.

It is learned that the tourist had gone to rmet to explore the area.

From the first information, it is suspected that he was kidnapped by the flow of water in the place called "Mulliri i Bênja".

Due to the heavy rainfall, the lives of other tourists are also at risk. Police forces immediately went to the scene and are working to evacuate the tourists.

"Around 18:25, the German citizen FW, 72 years old, and his wife, the German citizen AS, 66 years old, were visiting the Langarica canyon, Përmet.

Due to the large flow of water, the AS citizen was swept away by the current and consequently drowned, while her husband was able to get ashore.

Police and fire services pulled the lifeless body of the AS citizen out of the water

There is an investigative team at the scene, which is working to clarify the circumstances of the incident ," said the police announcement./ CNA.al

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