The testimony of Luftar Recit/ Who is the Montenegrin who prepared the bomb for the murder of Vajdin Lamaj

2023-05-30 09:47:00, Kronika CNA

The testimony of Luftar Recit/ Who is the Montenegrin who prepared the bomb for

After the testimony of Luftar Reçi about the murder of Vajdin Lamjt, GJKKO has asked for help from the neighboring state of Montenegro.

GJKKO has requested the questioning of Joshko ?ervenkovski, the person who, according to Reç, prepared the bomb that killed the businessman in 2005.

This decision was announced in Monday's hearing where the Durrës gang is accused.

5 witnesses appeared before the black squads to talk about the assassination of Klodian Saliu, an event that happened only one day before the murder of Lamaj, for which the same group is accused.

Among them was the mother of Osman Truma, the person who was traveling in the car with Klodian Saliu at the moment when he was assassinated.

Osman Truma's mother: In 2005, my son came to Albania for a few days of vacation. They were childhood friends from the same neighborhood with KLodian Saliu. I talked to him every day on the phone, and everything was fine. But one day we learn that he was injured during an assassination attempt on the Durrës-Tirana highway. 

As the boy who came out and met me at the Rome airport confessed to me, he did not recognize the perpetrators. First they were shot from behind and then from the side. An elderly couple stopped and gave him first aid, then an ambulance arrived"

Lulzim Berisha's sister also became part of the testimony, she told about her brother's activity and the circumstances of the day when the incident happened.

She stated that on the two dates when the events took place, her brother was in Turkey for treatment together with a friend of his.

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