They raped the nurse in Berat/ 2 people are wanted

2023-03-18 15:43:00, Kronika CNA

They raped the nurse in Berat/ 2 people are wanted

The police of Berat have arrested two young men after they assaulted the nurse in Berat.

You are talking about citizens K.Sh., 22 years old and EN, 20 years old.

The police inform that the reason for the rape of the nurse was because the latter had blocked their way on the stairs at the Regional Hospital of Bërat.

Full police statement:


By the specialists of the Section for Crimes at the Berat Police Station, the investigative materials were referred to the Prosecutor's Office and the citizens K.Sh., 22 years old, and EN, 20, were declared wanted for the criminal offense "Assault due to duty", carried out in collaboration. years old, both residents of Berat, after for weak motives and with the claim that he had blocked their way through the stairs of the Berat Regional Hospital, they punched the nurse who was serving the citizen E.Sh.

The materials in charge of these citizens were passed to the Prosecutor's Office at the Berat Judicial District Court, for further action./ CNA

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