Brisida Shehaj reveals what was hidden in the investigation about the Tirana incinerator

2023-12-11 19:05:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
Brisida Shehaj reveals what was hidden in the investigation about the Tirana
Economy expert, Brisida Shehaj

The economy expert, Brisida Shehaj, spoke about the SPAK file for the Tirana incinerator.

In an interview for Syri TV, she revealed what Kraja and Prenc's investigation about the Tirana incinerator hides.

While making a comparison between the investigation of Kraja e Prenc and the investigation of Duman, Shehaj says that it seems as if the prosecution went to the municipality of Tirana, but it did not.

"If you compare the investigations conducted by Dritan Prençi and Arben Kraja with the investigation conducted by Altin Dumani, with the file of Arben Ahmetaj, which is a property investigation, not related to the incinerators, it is clear that very important moments have been hidden. It seems like the prosecution went to Tirana municipality, but it didn't. The same formula has been made, as with Fieri. Even in the Fier file, the prosecutor of the case is Dritan Prençi and it has gone all the way to the Concession Evaluation Commission. It went that far. From the July decision to the decision two days ago, there is nothing new. The file has only the administration of the KLSH report. Both files, decisions are copy paste.

It took 5 months of negotiations, the investigations did not reveal anything new. Time was gained only for the shopping that Erion Veliaj did. Due to the fault of Erion Veliaj, Taulant Tusha and Namik Simixhiu are in prison. The file, especially the hidden part of the file, proves better than Erion Veliaj even in January and March of 2016, with Shkëlqim Canin, who in a moderate manner told him that you are not in compliance with the law. While Arben Ahmetaj showed no moderation at all in the answer he gives, it is very exhaustive and meanwhile he speaks in communication with the municipality of Tirana as a contracting authority. It was the municipality of Tirana, that three times, once Lefter Kokës, twice in the Ministry of Finance and when he saw that he did not leave here, I believe that Edi Rama will have intervened" , said Shehaj. / CNA

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