Putin: Ukraine's counteroffensive has failed

2023-06-09 22:55:52, Kosova & Bota CNA

Putin: Ukraine's counteroffensive has failed

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, said on Friday, June 9, that the major counter-offensive that Ukraine has been preparing for months has "begun" on the front, but that Kiev's forces have not been able to "achieve their goals".

"We can say, in full, that the offensive has begun, which is evidenced by the use of strategic reserves of Ukraine," Putin said in a video recording, which was broadcast on Telegram by a journalist of Russian public television.

According to him, the fighting has continued for five days, but "the Ukrainian forces have not achieved their goal on any front", writes AFP.

"All counteroffensive efforts have so far failed, but the Ukrainian regime still has offensive potential," Putin added, and declared that Russia's response "will be based on that observation."

The Russian military has reported intense fighting in southern Ukraine in recent days, claiming to have repelled several Ukrainian attacks, which would mark the start of a major counteroffensive that the Ukrainian General Staff has been preparing for months. new.

Ukrainian authorities, whose army is now equipped with modern Western equipment, appear to be scaling back the fighting. The authorities still do not talk about their strategy./ REL

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