The dire warning/ Russia is preparing to attack the West

2024-02-13 10:56:00, Kosova & Bota CNA
The dire warning/ Russia is preparing to attack the West
Russian army

Russia is preparing for a military confrontation with the West within the next decade and could be deterred by an armed counter-insurgency, Estonia's Foreign Intelligence Service said on Tuesday, Reuters reports. 

A growing number of Western officials have warned of a military threat from Russia to countries along NATO's eastern flank, calling for Europe to prepare.

The intelligence chief said the assessment was based on Russian plans to double the number of forces stationed along its border with NATO members Finland and the Baltic states of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia.

"Russia has chosen a path that is a long-term confrontation and the Kremlin is certainly anticipating a possible conflict with NATO within the next decade," Kaupo Rosin told reporters at the release of Estonia's national security threats report.

A military attack by Russia is "highly unlikely" in the short term, he said, in part because Russia needs to keep troops in Ukraine and would remain unlikely if the buildup of Russian forces were matched in Europe./ CNA 

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