Day of mourning in Serbia/ Vučić strongly provokes, attacks Rama: It is not the first time he lies

2023-09-28 08:13:00, Kosova & Bota CNA

Day of mourning in Serbia/ Vu?i? strongly provokes, attacks Rama: It is not

The President of Serbia, Aleksandër Vu?i?, has provoked sharply, as during an interview for the show " Oko " on RTS, he stated that Serbia announced a Day of Mourning for all those killed in Banjska, for the killed Serbs and for the killed Kosovo policeman.

Vucic also attacked Prime Minister Edi Rama, after the statement he made after Serbia's decision to declare the Day of Mourning.

The President of Serbia has stated that it is not the first time that Rama lies and that they have declared a Day of Mourning for all those killed and the events.

" Serbia has designated a day of mourning for the tragic events in Kosovo and Metohija, for the death of all people. From the point of view of the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, everyone is a citizen of our country. Serbia has days of mourning for the three murdered Serbs and for the murdered policeman. It is a civilized, serious and responsible decision. Edi Rama was not telling the truth. It is true that the Serbian municipalities in the north of Kosovo have declared a day of mourning for the murdered Serbs. We declared a day of mourning for all the events and for all those killed. It is not the first time that Rama does not tell the truth", stated Vucic.

We recall that Rama earlier reacted to Serbia's decision to declare a Day of Mourning for the members of the group of aggressors who attacked the Kosovo Police.

" The mourning officially announced in Belgrade for the members of the armed group that were annihilated by the security forces of the Republic of Kosovo, after that group took the life of a police officer, is the worst signal that Serbia could give to the region and Euro-Atlantic community! While it should have opened a serious investigation into the members of that criminal group, their connections with arms traffickers and other individuals or entities, in Serbia or elsewhere, potentially engaged in creating an armed movement in the North of Kosovo, Belgrade, with this black proclamation that has nothing to do with the 21st century, is fanning the flames of an armed conflict like never before since 1999!

This is not only unjustifiable and unacceptable, but condemnable with all the force of words and instruments available to the Euro-Atlantic community!

This is the moment that Serbia must clearly and firmly decide whether it will be with Europe and the democratic world of the 21st century or with the shadow of itself at the end of the 20th century; with the values ??and principles of the European Union and the Euro-Atlantic community or with the ghosts and crimes of its inglorious past of the 90s; with the European tomorrow of its innocent children or with the guilty yesterday of murderous and suicidal nationalism!", said Rama among other things./ CNA

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