Horoscope, Monday, February 13, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted for you, according to Paolo Fox

2024-02-12 22:59:00, Horoskopi CNA

Horoscope, Monday, February 13, 2024/ Here's what the stars have predicted


Not everything will go well in this period. It is the fault of a dissonant moon that causes some annoyance. In your romantic life, you will make decisions whether you want to continue your relationship or end it. A project or something new is already ready, you will have to work on it.


You've been a bit tense lately, but this Moon will make you find peace of mind. Recently created projects will have to be determined by the end of May. The first part of February was used to study strategies to win a battle. In love, there was confusion between couples.


Try to stay optimistic. With Jupiter in the sign, new projects will soon be launched. Doing the same things bores you, but you are creative people. It will be a challenge to stay calm. Those who have had personal and physical problems should find peace.

The crab

You are very active and sensitive. Difficulties for you are about to end and better days await you. You are waiting for an important news, but first you should be alert to the reality that surrounds you. The end of February can be more positive for you.


You are proud and unlikely to admit that you have made mistakes. There have been changes since last year that are still ongoing. You have finally realized that the past must be put aside to focus on the future. The end of February brings difficulties that must be managed carefully.


You absolutely need some relaxation in the second half of February. Those who have their own business so far have been involved in many commitments. During this day you will have a lot of things to do, but it would be better not to release this tension in love, the feelings are recovering.


Many big ideas and projects are coming to you in this period. Tuesday sees you very lazy or not very calm due to a dissonant Moon. Over the past three weeks, many of you have experienced physical decline and need to recover.


You must have a clear vision for your future. Things will not go well in love. There will be no changes in the workplace. The next two weeks may affect some of your relationships.


The moon is in your favor and therefore you will experience beautiful feelings in your romantic life. But the progress of the relationship depends on the feelings you have. In long-term relationships, you have to put aside grudges. You can favor signs like Aquarius and Libra.


Despite the stars in your favor, you will be nervous and feel tired. Most Capricorns don't complain because things are going wrong, but they have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders and little time to relax or devote to their partner and family.


Do not make unnecessary expenses. You will attach great importance to your feelings. Some of you have a desire to change your lifestyle or appearance. There are also those who think of doing a small aesthetic intervention or simply to surround themselves with happy people.


You should analyze your feelings in these February days. The weekend will be important. Some couples will have to rethink the continuity of their relationship. It is always difficult for you to forget a person even after a breakup./ CNA

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