Rama "opens" the bag of money/ "Explode" the electoral promises

2022-10-19 10:55:00, Ekonomi CNA

Rama "opens" the bag of money/ "Explode" the electoral

Following the unofficial campaign, Prime Minister Edi Rama has promised to increase the minimum wage.

From Gjirokastra, this morning he said that the minimum wage will increase up to 40,000 lek faster than it was predicted.

"The minimum salary of 400,000 ALL will arrive sooner than was anticipated within the mandate. In the 2023 budget, we have established a special funding, we will have a double budget.

We will raise the minimum salary to 400,000 ALL. We must raise all the salaries of state employees. We do not have another package, but we have made a sustainable growth. In the 2023 budget, we will place a special funding to cope with the situation. We will have twice the budget of 2013", said Rama. /CNA.al

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