Stop/ "Don't let me take the competence", the financial violations of the Order of the Dentist

2023-05-18 21:05:44, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ "Don't let me take the competence", the financial

Since 2016, the show "Stop" on TV Klan has investigated and made public facts about how the Order of the Dentist with President Nikol Deda has been abused in many ways, starting with the election of regional leaders.

In 2021, Stop proved how these elections were conducted in a predetermined manner, not respecting the statute. Immediately after these publications, the court, taking into account the evidence and the facts, declared these elections irregular and froze them as a security measure.

In order not to hinder the functioning of the Order, the old structures were left in force, until the foundation of the problem was judged.

The President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana, Almiro Gurakuqi, denounces for the umpteenth time these abuses, which have started since 2016.

Almiro Gurakuqi, President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana: It was the very important phase of your investigation that helped a lot and to prove all the violations that we had and some other documentation besides your documentation and film images, and thanks to them the court was very fair in giving the measure decision of security on 7.2.2020, which completely suspends the activity of all new structures. So at the moment when the court gives a security measure for all the new structures, regional councils, regional assemblies, national councils, national assemblies, then they are in operation automatically since it is a structure that cannot sit idle, but they are the ones that have been chosen before. And since they are pre-selected, and with the executive actions which prove once again my introduction and my rehabilitation in the position of the chairman of the council of Tirana, then I am today, legally speaking, the chairman of the council of Tirana for the Order of Dentists. And although they tried again and again to reject the enforcement actions, the current Board of Directors chaired by Mr. Nikoll Deda, again the court with decision no. 31/86 of the judge, rejects these claims of the claimant of the Dentist's Order against the actions of Executive Office for my return to my previous position.

Although the structures have been frozen, President Nikol Deda has convened the Council in illegality and enabled the purchase of new premises for 700 thousand Euros. Also, Deda received a loan of 250,000 Euros, increased salaries by 20% and increased the number of employees from 3 to more than 17.

Almiro Gurakuqi, President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana: Only President Nikol Deda knows the positions they hold, since when it was the Doctor's Order that contained the 3 Orders inside; Pharmacy and Dentistry, there were only 3 employees. Today, the Order of Dentists has 17 employees. And what is worse, in the Order of Dentists today 2 of the cohabitants of the President's sons are employed, at least 3 of the children of the members of the National Council are employed, which proves that with not small salaries. President Nikol Deda has 2,500,000 old Lek. The secretaries range from 1 million and 700 thousand, while we had all honorary positions and based on the 2014 law 127 for the Order of Dentists, we would not approve more than 5-6 employees at the Order of Dentists.

"Stop" also discovered a fund of 100 thousand Euros, which is not reflected, what it was used for.

Almiro Gurakuqi, President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana : The budget for the Order of Dentists was 10 million new Lek, i.e. 100 million old Lek. While today the Order of Dentists spends nearly 400 million old Lek, as all this fund is totally abusive which flows not only legally to the account numbers of all the employees or loyal voters of the President or his board. A good part is bought through the funds of the taxes paid by Albanian dentists.

Through the hidden camera, Stop has proven that about 500 licenses were issued by the Order in total violation. They had to be signed and sealed by the President of Tirana, Mr. Gurakuqi but they were signed by the vice-president Aurora Guri.

Almiro Gurakuqi, President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana : What is most serious for all of them is that since September 16, 2022, all the licenses and re-licenses that have been granted in the District of Tirana and which are at least over 500 such for the new year that was registered 2022-2023, are totally forged and with unauthorized signatures. It is an open abuse of duty since in the statute and law of the Order of Dentists, it is the sole competence of the Regional Council of each district to license the dentists of its respective district.

Almiro Gurakuqi-Meanwhile you signed the license. Tell me, where did this character get this from the Order of Tirana. Is this signed by you?!

Aurora Guri, Vice President - I have signed on behalf of the National Council in the absence of the President with the central seal.

Almiro Gurakuqi- On behalf of the National Council?! What does the statute say about licensing?

Aurora Guri, Vice President - I bear all the responsibility for those licenses that I have given.

Almiro Gurakuqi- There are 500 licenses issued since September 16, when Almiro Gurakuqi entered the office of the Mayor of Tirana. Here is the seal! Here, where is the seal of Tirana!

Aurora Guri Vice President- Open up a little... yes!

Alban Peca, General Secretary - Let me ask you a useless question! Did you come with any bugs? I do not grant licenses.

Aurora Guri Vice President- Neither I nor this one give licenses...

Almiro Gurakuqi- You gave mine, is your company here with a lady?

Aurora Guri Vice President - Who did I get the authority from in this case?

Almiro Gurakuqi- Competence? Who?

Aurora Guri Vice President - Who did I get the authority from in this case? I took it from the President of Tirana.

Aurora Guri Vice President - Who is the President of Tirana?

Almiro Gurakuqi - Almiro Gurakuqi!

Aurora Guri Vice President - Yes, good! Don't let me take away your competence! Sign yourself!

Almiro Gurakuqi has also turned to Economic Crime and the case is in the hands of prosecutor Anisa Qilimi.

Almiro Gurakuqi, President of the Order of Dentistry for Tirana: The prosecutor's office of Tirana, based on my report, has registered a very serious criminal offense which includes 2 articles, theft in collaboration and abuse of duty. And what is even more serious in this whole story is that precisely because the case is under investigation today in the Prosecutor's Office of Tirana and the Economic Crime Directorate of Tirana, Mr. President continues to hold meetings on April 20 of this year. meets again with the national council and one of the points is that the national council authorizes Mr. Nikoll Deda president to sign a 2-year contract between USSH and lawyer Donika Prela for legal protection and consultancy of the public institution USSH in court cases. The only court cases that the Order of Dentists has is that there is a legal sector and the legal sector is at least 3 people who have graduated from Law and you do not need legal protection. The payment has been left "open bag" so that this payment is without limit just to face it. This is completely outside the scope of the Dentist's Order. The order does not have to be defended by a dentist and defended against the state. The state is the one who decides and its decisions, good or bad, in our favor or against us, must be respected at all costs. And the appeal that I would ask the justice system today is to please act as soon as possible. Justice does act, but it is too late. We ask the Prosecutor's Office, we ask the Court that for such persons who do not know the state, do not know the law, do not know the statute,

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