Pseudo owner in Switzerland/ Offers jobs in exchange for sex

2023-05-18 20:55:08, Denoncim CNA

Pseudo owner in Switzerland/ Offers jobs in exchange for sex

Social networks, thanks to their large reach, have become the most preferred way of communication for fraudsters.

Such is the case that Fiks Fare broadcast on Thursday evening, where a pseudo-manager had posted a job announcement in Switzerland. The manager used a very large cleaning company in Zurich to contact the girls, where then the main condition of employment was that they had sex with him.

The case was reported by a girl named Lorena who had tried it herself. She says that she worked in Switzerland as a babysitter and while searching, she saw an advertisement for vacancies in a house cleaning company. She contacted the number displayed in the notice and someone who introduced herself as Mergim answered the phone. The 35-year-old man, as he was introduced, worked as a manager in this company in Zurich and without shyness asked Lorena for his photo and age, and then the condition that you should work for his company. "To have sex with me once a week, I set the salary myself as much as you want" these were the words written on WhatsApp by the manager.

Lorena says that she was shocked by the language used and the working conditions. "He wrote that he would pay for the plane ticket, the very high salary," says Lorena, and based on the sexual performance, the duration of the employment contract was also signed. The complainant says that this person also did the same thing with her friends who were interested in work. She claims that none of them have accepted, but that she will report it as a case, as she does not want other women to be deceived and the deceiver to be punished.

After the complaint from the citizen, Fiks Fare journalists contacted the person who cheated, looking for a job at the cleaning company. The person offering these jobs was introduced as Mergim Osmani, from Dibra e Madhe in North Macedonia

The communication with the person in question was made on social networks, where he had announced the job announcement along with his mobile phone number.

At the beginning of the conversation, the person asks for the girl's identity and her photo. He replies that he likes the look and can cut his ticket to Switzerland right away. The person, starting from the photo, offers her a job as a personal secretary in his firm. But there is also a condition "to become mine and work". To the question of what "mine" means, he briefly answers "my girlfriend".

The journalist and the person in question continue the conversation about working conditions and salary. He writes that "I will pay you as much as you ask for", but he continues with the condition that they have sex once a week. The person continues the conversation, not about the working conditions, but about the "employee's" ability in bed. And if he likes this skill, he will extend the employment contract and increase the salary.

The person was ready to make the contract up to 2 years, again if the employee became his at least 1 time a week. The journalist refuses the offer several times, focusing more on the work at the firm. But he wrote to him that he was ready to wait a few days for the travel ticket from Albania to Switzerland. He provided the accommodation. But, the test condition (sex) was always primary.

He wrote to her that, when the employee was going to Switzerland, they should go to the hotel together and then discuss the working conditions. In the conversation, he also tells her his work address, which according to him was in Zurich. Also, the journalist asks for a photo of him, which was not the same as the one she had sent to Lorena.

The journalists of Fiks Fare continue their research on the Internet, as they find several announcements where the same person was looking for child care workers. The place of work was always in Switzerland. Fixi contacts him with a different number and identity. But the person who answers has the same conversation. The scheme is the same, he asks for photos and if he likes her physically, he will decide whether to hire her!

Fiksi decided to make a video call with the person offering jobs. But it was seen that it was none of the people in the photos that had been taken to both the journalist and the whistleblower.

Meanwhile, the girl who reported this person to Fiksi, had returned to Switzerland where she works as a babysitter in a family. She went to the address of the company that the person claimed was his, but there she found neither the company nor the person. So everything was a fraud./ tch

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