Stop/ The agency deceives the citizen and takes 4500 Euros for Polish documents and disappears

2023-05-17 22:39:31, Denoncim CNA

Stop/ The agency deceives the citizen and takes 4500 Euros for Polish documents

A citizen connected to a Facebook page that promised documentation for Poland in exchange for a sum of money and was scammed. This is the case that the show Stop on Tv Klan dealt with tonight.

The citizen says that he started communicating with him and was told that the procedure was carried out within 3 months and the payment was 4500 Euros, where 3500 were given at the beginning and 1500 Euros after the completion of the documents. The page in question is "Eni Eu" and posts only about this.

Citizen: One day I saw an announcement on Facebook and they had posted there that they would provide Polish documents within 3 months, with the right to work in all of Europe. As I was interested, I contacted them. They told me that within 3 months you get the document in hand. Within two months, a document will come to you from Poland, translated into 3 different languages, German, English and Polish, that I could go without any obstacles. If the police stopped me, I wouldn't have any obstacles on the way.

Against 4,500 Euros, while I had to pay 3,500 Euros in advance and then 1,500 Euros once I had the documents.

The citizen indicates that the money was handed over to the agent. The amount was 3500 Euros and we have the video of the money being handed over.

Citizen: I had to go personally to give my fingerprints there and then I would have to wait about 20 days for the document to arrive.

Without meeting the deadline, the agent gave up, after repeatedly saying that there are delays and said that the procedure could not be completed and the money would be returned.

Citizen: They say there are delays, no they have changed offices, not here not there. I mean, I suspect that they are lying. Yes, they told me and we have it as a date, April 6th, and then it was postponed to April 16th and nothing. I believe they don't have offices. They operate only through social networks, they meet privately, in coffee shops.

But he never received the money, as the delivery date was only postponed. The agent tells him that he will personally return the money.

Agent: I will try to find them as soon as possible, because I have a lot of stress from this part, to be honest.

Citizen: Well, did you say the last one is at 3 o'clock today?

Agent: My other (colleague) has run away to Italy, man, I'm completely out of it.

Citizen: What should I do now?

Agent: You are not at fault at all, I am fully responsible. I will find them! Earth and sky unite, I will find them.

Citizen: I mean, you expect to take it from someone else, to give it to me?

Agent: I will take my slaves, my company.

The reporter of Stop had a conversation with the agent, and the latter says that he worked for only 1 and a half months and this was the first contract. He says that there are many pages on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok that have the same practice. It shows that the names on the Facebook pages they use are fake.

"I am the person who contacted the informant. Now I'm telling you exactly how it happened. I am interested in documents myself. From the conversation they saw that I was interested and in the end they told me that we will also offer a job against payment. The site used to be Eni EU, which means they also have other sites as they told me, but this was the most active. Their names changed, they didn't keep the same. The first name was Tani. After that, Eni did it, then Eni changed Enxo, Eni again. The payment was 600 Euro per month and 100 Euro per contract that you could make with the person in question who was interested. I worked for 1 and a half months. Not only on Facebook, but also on Instagram, and on other networks, TikTok has once become a very big craze, but on Facebook, more pages collaborate that are groups in which they are more informed. The main part is that they work a lot on Facebook and there are still other sites that do the same scheme. I had only made 1 contract. Only 1 contract and that was the biggest stress. At the moment the payment was made, they would just come, introduce themselves and say, are you a friend of so-and-so? Yes. I came for that job. They didn't even give me a name, everything was normal because they knew who I was."

Through the journalist of the "Stop" show, the agent returned part of the money, 1900 Euros, while the rest was left for May 20.

"I have repaid 1,900 Euros to the person who filed the complaint in this case, and I have to repay the remaining 1,600 Euros by the 20th."

Part of the money was taken back by the defrauded person, while 1,600 Euros remain to be returned./ tvklan

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