Scandal in Fiks Fare/ The state police sells firearms for 50,000 lek

2023-05-25 20:51:07, Denoncim CNA

Scandal in Fiks Fare/ The state police sells firearms for 50,000 lek

Tonight, the Fiks Fare show brought the case of a police officer who sold combat firearms for 50,000 lek.

Fiksi's colleagues started the investigation after a meeting they had in the city of Durrës with a boy from Skrapari. He promised them that he could provide them with weapons in exchange for money.

The first meetings for the bazaar took place in the city of Durrës between Fiks's colleague and the realtor, who entered this business so that he too could make his own profit.

He promises that he will find more than one weapon, since in Skrapar he knows many people who do this, and he has friends with whom he cooperates both in the sale of hashish and in the sale of weapons.

Fiksi brought the meeting of the realtor with the co-worker of the show in Skrapar, where it was said that the seller was a police officer. As a result, he would not agree to talk on the phone or meet the buyer, everything would be done between the realtor.

The latter asked to take the money and go meet the policeman himself and get the gun, but the buyer refused. So the police, the realtor and Fiks's accomplice met in the forest about 2 km from the town of Çorovoda. The police officer went to the forest in his car.

Fiksi brought up the conversation between him and the co-worker, where he told the latter that the Kalashnikov was in very good condition, it was new.

But he still refused to take the payment himself. He demanded that the money be given to the realtor and just a few meters away he waited in the car to receive the 50,000 lek which he had set as the price for the Kalashnikov.

After receiving the gun, Fiks journalists saw that the bag in which it was placed was wrapped in a blue uniform shirt. Fiks journalists took the weapon to the Elbasan Local Police Directorate where they handed it over against all procedures.

The Fiks Fare show confirmed that this weapon was sold by a police officer, order inspector at the Skrapar Police Station, named Dritan Nano. This is also confirmed by the car in which the police officer went to the forest, which was in his name.

Immediately after the denunciation that Fiks Fare made to the Elbasan Police, the State Police officer, Dritan Nano, was arrested today in Çorovode. The arrest was made by the Police Surveillance Agency (Fier - Berat Region) for the criminal offense of "Possessing without permission, production of explosive weapons and ammunition".

The procedural materials were sent to the Prosecutor's Office at the Court of First Instance of the Berat General Jurisdiction./ tch

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