Oil is poured again in Qafë Thane/ Cameras worth millions of Lek are not working

2023-05-22 21:39:42, Denoncim CNA

Oil is poured again in Qafë Thane/ Cameras worth millions of Lek are not

On May 11, "Stop" aired the citizens' denunciation of the deliberate dumping of oil on Prrenjasi street.

The claims of the citizens are related to the employees of the service stations and garages, who, according to them, throw the oil for profit to damage the cars and fix them there.

Citizens say that they have turned to the police officers, but no one takes responsibility. "Stop" was directed to the Përrenjas police station where they talked with the commander Emin Spaholli. The latter says that they went to the alleged oil dumping site, but found no traces of oil and cleared the road. 

"Stop" came back again because on this road axis and exactly 200-300 meters from the Pengu Oil gas station, there are 7 cameras, which were once used by the Ministry of Environment.

The cameras were installed in 2016, when the tender procedure was opened by the State Environmental Inspectorate with a limited fund of 133 million Lek. These cameras operated until 2020 with funding from the state budget.

Chief Inspector:  And the Ministry of Environment of that time had them, which monitored the forests. 

"Stop" addressed the Ministry of the Environment and the National Inspectorate of Territory Protection, and none of them have security cameras in use.

Also, "Stop" was directed to the Local Police Directorate of Elbasan, where it was said that the accidents that happened were not caused by oil or diesel on the road.

"The road axis "Prrenjas-Qafë Thane" is constantly monitored by the services of the Road Police and with intelligent tools. From the verifications on the ground, in no case was oil found on the road, and from the investigations, in none of the cases of road accidents that happened on this axis, it was not found that the cause was the throwing of oil on the road", announced the Police of Elbasan .

Regarding the Head of Services, Emin Spaholli is under disciplinary investigation for violating the code of ethics.

"Disciplinary proceedings have started against police officer Deputy Commissioner Emin Spaholli, who is a service specialist at the Prrenjas Police Station, under the Librazhd Police Station, for violating the Code of Ethics," the police announced further .

Also, "Stop" was interested in the District Prosecutor's Office of Pogradec and Elbasan, and there is no case related to this phenomenon./tvklan

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