3 million euro tender/ Lefter Alla seeks freedom in the Supreme Court

2023-11-29 12:02:00, Aktualitet CNA
3 million euro tender/ Lefter Alla seeks freedom in the Supreme Court
Lefter Alla

The former mayor of Bulqiza, Lefter Alla, has requested freedom in the Supreme Court.

It is reported that Alla has appealed the GJKKO Appeal decision that did not replace the "prison arrest" against him with a milder one.

Currently, the file for Lefter Alla has been passed to the GJKKO for trial. The Special Prosecutor's Office has filed charges against him for "Violation of the equality of participants in public tenders or auctions" and "Abuse of duty". 

Lefter Alla was arrested on March 15, 2023 together with 12 other people, 7 of them municipal officials for violation of equality in tenders and abuse of office on suspicions of abuse in a tender worth 3 million euros.

There are accusations against the former mayor that he cooperated with former officials to favor two companies during the public procurement procedure in order to then have the works for the water pipeline carried out by the company 'OE 2AF Albania shpk', which is under the administration of relatives of Alla, Aqif Konesha. The companies that won the tender were 'BOE Egland shpk' and 'BE-IS shpk'. 

SPAK's announcement on the investigations into Alla

From the SPAK investigations, it was found that for the citizen under investigation Lefter Alla, several criminal facts are documented, such as violations during the public procurement procedure with open procedure on 30.04.2021, economic operators "Egland Sh.pk" and "BE-IS" Sh.pk , with the object "Construction of the water supply network and distribution network and the construction of the KUZ network, Old neighborhood, Bulqizë city, Bulqizë Municipality", with a tender value of 322,439,000 new ALL, with a 10-month deadline.

This citizen under investigation, in cooperation with the deputy mayor of the municipality, and other employees, such as prosecution specialists, members of the KVO, have made it possible for BOE Egland sh.pk and BE-IS sh.pk to win this tender with documentation, created advantages for this subject during the procurement procedure. At a time since the investigation, there are reasonable suspicions that the works were carried out by EO 2AF Albania sh.pk, a social connection of the Mayor.

This procurement procedure is suspected to have been initiated and developed in violation of the LPP and by-laws and by the Bulqiza Municipality AK, specifically by the investigators with active actions that consist in the establishment of a special mechanism, for the winning selection of a firm in connection with the procurement procedure procurement developed by Bulqiza Municipality.

Acts up to this stage of the investigation announce that the investigators i) approved criteria to favor a firm participating in the tender ii) the firm participating in the procurement submitted only the documentation, while the works were carried out by the investigator (KA), which turned out to be closely related the Mayor (LA).

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