ERE cancels the energy price increase

2022-10-07 14:20:00, Ekonomi CNA

ERE cancels the energy price increase

The Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE) held today the meeting on the price of electricity. According to the decision, the price of electricity will not change for the month of October, as during this month the situation for determining the price will be reviewed, and it will be determined whether the price of 42 k will be applied during the month of November, for all consumers who pass the 800 band sq.

The price of electricity for the month of October will not increase. This was the decision that was taken at the ERE board meeting, where it was underlined that the price change will be reviewed in the future.

"KESH's price for OSHEE will not change. The price of energy will continue to be unchanged. ERE has made the decision on the legislation", said the head of the board, Petrit Ahmeti. /CNA.al


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