Without the workers of the Balkans, construction in Germany is paralyzed

2022-10-06 08:21:45, Ekonomi CNA

Without the workers of the Balkans, construction in Germany is paralyzed

The policy has not achieved the goal of easing the labor market, criticized the president of the Central Association of German Craftsmen, Hans Peter Wollseifer. "When people from the Balkans want to come to Germany, it can take years until they get a visa." But we urgently need these people from the Balkans, especially in the field of construction, emphasized Wollseifer.

It is known that the construction sector has many difficulties due to the lack of German workers. "Without the steel workers from the Balkans in construction, not a single concrete building would be erected in Germany," according to the head of the German crafts.

Criticism of foreigners' offices

Wollseifer has criticized German visa authorities for their handling of visas for migrant workers. "Foreigners' offices too often act as authorities of non-acceptance of foreigners. But they should be centers of welcome. This spirit is unfortunately experienced by very few offices," he told Germany's Mediengruppe Bayern newspaper at the weekend.

"We need foreign labor from abroad. Unfortunately, since the entry into force of the skilled labor law three years ago, fewer workers are coming than we thought," Wollseifer emphasized. Corona has played a role in the trend of the arrival of workers from abroad, but the labor market has not yet eased enough./DW

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