Incinerators, a corrupt affair that will be closed with a procedure, like the crimes of Lulzim Basha

21 Janar 2022, 16:41, English CNA
Incinerators, a corrupt affair that will be closed with a procedure, like the

It seems that the corrupt affair of the century, that of incinerators with a value of up to 430 million euros, will have the same fate as that of Lulzim Basha. Not because of losses, but because of victories through legal procedures.

The incinerator scandal has already led to the arrest of a former minister. And this only for the incinerator of Elbasan. So for one of the three investments of 178 million euros, and for the smallest of them that costs 22 million euros.

A corrupt affair, where Stela Gugallja was declared wanted by the police, as the owner of ?Albtek Energy?, together with Klodian Zoto, who was also the builder of this incinerator through the company ITS, and was arrested the former Minister of Environment Lefter Koka, who has signed this concession.

But in the parliamentary inquiry commission set up 2 months ago, the socialists have made a clever political move, acknowledging the scandal but now demanding its closure. So, the three-month term of the parliamentary investigation ends on January 28th.

In fact, from December 7 of last year, until two days ago, ie until January 18 of this year, ie about 1 and a half months, the investigative commission on incinerator concessions has not conducted any investigation.

State institutions have returned an evasive response, using legal space to not provide complete information with justifications such as ?there is sensitive data, there are personal details?. Thus, the second tier banks didn?t provide any data regarding the amounts that have been spent.

Even the Tax Directorate has not provided information on payments. Thus, they have hidden every trace and by not giving the investigative commission the opportunity to have the data in hand to make analyzes or to come to a conclusion regarding the corrupt affair of the century.

On the other hand, it was Jorida Tabaku, the leader of this commission, who slept like Lulzim Basha or has bargained with Edi Rama. For about a month and a half she has put the commission to sleep, not doing any work.

Justifying that they were waiting for official documents or answers, most of which came without any answer, without any content, or with a formal correct answer regarding the questions addressed, the term of this commission is now coming to an end.

This happens next week and it all ends. So the socialists will close the investigation with procedure, using the legal deadline of 3 months, that usually has an investigation commission. This clearly shows an agreement of Lulzim Basha with Edi Rama, as Jorida Tabaku has wasted half of the time. On the other hand, the government and his subordinate institutions have not provided the necessary information and everything is closing with a procedure. This is what happened to Lulzim Basha, in more than one case.

This is what happened to Basha over the investigation of 1.25 million dollars, paid to the company of lobbyist Nick Muzin in the USA. The investigation was closed again with procedure. The same happened with the investigation on the abuses during the construction of the Nation Road.

A report by the Supreme State Audit Office spoke of abuses in the amount of 230 million euros. Lulzim Basha has always escaped justice through proceedings. The only hope remains with SPAK. This institution has arrested a former minister only for the Elbasan incinerator. Meanwhile, another prosecutor, Dritan Prençi, is investigating the files of incinerators in Fier and Tirana. But it remains to be seen, because Prençi is also moving at a slow pace./

Inceneratorët, afera korruptive që do mbyllet me procedurë si krimet e Lulzim Bashës

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