The mysteries of Antarctica will be revealed by the intelligent drone

2024-02-04 09:13:00, Tech CNA

The mysteries of Antarctica will be revealed by the intelligent drone

A team of scientists and engineers have landed in Antarctica to test a drone that will help experts predict the impacts of climate change.

The "autonomous plane" will map areas of the continent that have been off limits to researchers. 

The drone has been tested in extreme weather around the highest peaks in Wales, the BBC reports.

The experiment is to observe mountains under an ice sheet to predict how quickly the ice may melt and feed into global sea level rise.

Scientists want to better understand Antarctica, but they are limited by existing technology.

High winds, sub-zero temperatures and sudden thunderstorms are common. These hazardous conditions, as well as dark winters and the need to transport pilots and large amounts of fuel, place limitations on the use of traditional manned aircraft.

The British Antarctic Survey developed the new drone with British company Windracers to be easily repaired if something goes wrong.

The drone was tested in Llanbedr, Eryri (also called Snowdonia) in north Wales - a support for the harsh weather and terrain of Antarctica.

During a practice run with strong winds and rain lashing the airport, engineer Rebecca Toomey explained that the drone can fly in remote areas without concern for the pilots' safety./ CNA 

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