The scheme is clarified/ When and how the end-of-year bonus is paid

2022-12-01 21:14:00, Sociale CNA
The scheme is clarified/ When and how the end-of-year bonus is paid
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The General Director of the Institute of Social Security, Astrit Hado, disclosed the scheme for the year-end bonuses.

After approving the bonus of 5,000 alleks for pensioners and 6,000 alleks for the disabled, Had shows when and how they will be distributed.

Through a status on social networks, he declares that the year-end reward will be distributed from the next day and will be received in the same place where pensions are distributed.

"We approved the awarding of the year-end bonus of 5,000 ALL, which will benefit 695,101 pensioners and beneficiaries of other categories of the social security scheme, throughout the country. 

All those persons who are treated with disability pension will also benefit from 6,000 lek financial compensation. 

The distribution of the bonus will start together with the pension benefit measure from tomorrow, December 2.

All those pensioners who have withdrawn their pension on 1 December can continue to withdraw the bonus where they regularly receive their pension.

We remain committed to providing our services to citizens with correctness and professionalism", writes the director of Social Security./ BA - CNA.al

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