She was raped for 8 years in a row/ The shocking confession of the girl: The abusers threaten my life

2024-01-23 15:17:00, Sociale CNA
She was raped for 8 years in a row/ The shocking confession of the girl: The
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A girl named Sara has told on a TV show, her sad story of being raped since she was 13 years old. She says that some people have been abusing her for 8 years straight. 

"It happened in cars, hotels, bushes, wherever... My friends saw my signs, they never had the courage to ask me or tell me if you need help. They told me if you showed anything, we will kill you", she says. 

Due to constant threats, Sara could not get the courage to denounce the perpetrators.

"I tried to leave, when they committed the macabre act, I hit them and insulted them. But, I got the courage to run away 2 years later. I wanted to start a new life, but it was impossible. I could not go to the end, I could not denounce them. The biggest fear was that they did not act alone," she said. 

Although she later started a new life and left her abusers, she said she fell victim to rape again, from which a child was born. 

"Then I was abused again, I gave birth to a child. I decided to keep the baby. I reported it and the person who abused me only served two years in prison. I am raising the child alone. I don't have the economic conditions, I'm unemployed. Often, the child lacks basic things", she says. 

Sara calls on all Albanians to help her and her minor daughter, as they are in a very difficult economic situation. She also asks the authorities to start investigations into the denunciations made about the abusers. 

"There are times when we sleep without eating. I ask that the state protect me and my child from these people. I have been receiving threatening messages since July. He told me 'we know very well where you are, if you make these messages public, we will take you to the Netherlands and they will receive 300 thousand euros. I took the letters to the Prosecutor's Office and she brought me a letter for not starting the case, since for the prosecutor these are not threats", she said. / CNA 




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