Concerns about the extent of violence against women and girls

2024-01-21 21:07:00, Sociale CNA

Concerns about the extent of violence against women and girls

A long cloth, where the initials of abused women and girls, who have sought help at the "Hapa te Lehte" Women's Center, were embroidered with orange thread, was exhibited in Shkodër on the 20th anniversary of the establishment of this non-governmental center.

Its leader, Denada Shpuza, says that the idea was born to give value to all the abused women and girls, who over the years directed you for help to the "Hapa te Lehte" Women's Center.

"Here are embroidered, all by hand, 2783 initials of women who attended the anti-violence service of the women's center. It's a colossal job. As you can see, at the end of this 12 meter long and 1.6 meter high canvas is written "The mission continues" in our work in the service of these women and girls who are violated", she says.

Ana Mila, an old volunteer of the "Hapa te Lehte" Women's Center, says that initially, through the anti-violence service, the initials of the abused women were identified, some of whom embraced the initiative and worked for more than three months embroidering by hand on fabric 2783 initials of abused girls and women, including the initials of their names.

"The idea to embroider all the initials of the abused women was to show not only the difficulties they have gone through, that they should be engraved on the rock actually and not on a piece of meringue, but also all the sacrifice of the service workers anti-violence", she tells the Voice of America.

Despite the fact that, from year to year, the level of awareness of women and girls has increased, says Ana Mila, abused women continue to need support, not only from institutions, but also from society, firstly in order not to prejudice them.

"Awareness has increased, but it's a phenomenon that still exists, it's still strong and the need to help these women is very present," she says.

The phenomenon of violence against women and girls remains one of the most widespread violations of human rights in Albania. Since 2006, when the law on the prevention of domestic violence, in all its forms, came into force in Albania, 33 thousand 628 women have been granted protection orders by the courts, while 611 people have been arrested for domestic violence.

During the past year, due to extreme violence, 11 women lost their lives, while, since 2010, 159 women have been killed in Albania, which proves the ferocity of violence against women and girls as well as the need for further awareness. of society towards this phenomenon.

"Domestic violence should no longer be considered an issue behind closed doors. We need to improve all the services that should be offered to women and not have services that are only offered to you on paper. We also need to have a greater awareness of citizens and, on the other hand, we need to educate children from an early age to not accept violence".

In Albania, there are dozens of organizations and associations, as well as state institutions that, in the focus of their work, also have the prevention and fight against violence against women and girls as well as domestic violence. However, not infrequently, their work is formal and without the expected impact in preventing this disturbing phenomenon for society in Albania./ VOA


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